Raccoon Panda

by Lettercamp

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released July 31, 2010

Lettercamp is Liz Wittman, Matt Lannoo, Derek Dorey and Pan!c. Recorded by Jonathan Weier. Production by Jonathan Weier, Liz Wittman & Adam Cox. Recorded and produced at Brooksfield Gentlemen's Club. Mastered by Zach Shipps. Hand-lettered art by Angela Duncan.



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lettercamp Detroit, Michigan

Detroit’s Lettercamp is an electro-pop jigsaw..dark, off-kilter, but very danceable. With an energetic live show, Lettercamp demands attention. The band’s debut LP, Raccoon Panda, was released in June of 2010. Lettercamp’s forthcoming album expands on their sound and will be released in Spring 2012 by Swedish label Substream. ... more

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Track Name: I Know
Don’t need your expectations
For me I want the pay out
Sharpen your healthy claws
Still feel your hesitation
The calm, the storm, it’s one ride
You think my hands are tied
I know, I know, I know
(what you’re learning)
I want to know the way out
When I’m locked up, I’m alright
A taste of fresh air, I might
Is it a love that won’t die
When I see you through false eyes
A complicated lie
Track Name: First Kiss
I never thought that meant come get it
I only came to feel, because I’m sick
Frustrated off your first kiss
He likes to lie, I still try
He likes to lie, I fade by
He likes to lie, I grow dry
He likes to lie, I like lies
I can’t afford your wisdom
You’re throwing fire on my paper home
I’ll keep fighting like a firefighter
Mind is twisted from a sick fuck
I’ll run again is that what, what you want right?
Can’t keep it off his prick, tease
A in Anatomy, and so I get up and leave
Well it looks like, we’ve all lied
And it looks like, I haven’t tried
Track Name: Fool For Long
I’ve heard all your bitchin
I’ll look like I am listening
Can’t keep my eyes from rolling back again
Still, your mouth keeps running
What’s taken this so long?
Can’t be a fool for long
You think that you love me
Oh oh oh
I’m in a constant state of
Stumbling through your earthquakes
And carrying your vision
And your carry-ons
Carry on
It’s getting a little
Just a little old
Track Name: Operator
Why can’t you?
I gave you one more chance
Words keep coming in
I’m gonna write it all down
One more chance to make it right
One more chance to make
I’m feeling underestimated, contemplated
And I’m waiting under the cover of doubt
Operator, take me slowly but don’t show me
What I fear is they won’t know that I’m gone
I gave you one more chance
Words keep coming in
Track Name: You Won't Want Me
Angels don’t let themselves in
I think one, I want you
I know two, it’s too much
I said three, he owns my heart
In time he’ll feel the distance
I think, I still love you
I know, that I need you
He said, finish what you start
Where’d you put it?
Her heart it is like a cold breeze
I think, I am feeling
I know, that I am loveless
I said, you won’t want me
She’s getting old, oh so cold
Track Name: Call It Off
Before I’m alone I can’t seem to say
Weighed all inch and after all
Wait always better off
Take off, there’s little I can make
But there’s a lot of heart here
And a lot of left space
Why won’t you erase
When I’m alone, I won’t
When there’s control, I won’t
When I’m alone, I won’t
When there’s control, I don’t
I’m in control, I don’t fold
Before I’m alone
I can’t seem to let you know
I pledge allegiance, I pledge allegiance
I pledge…call it off.. call it off
Track Name: Weightless
I feel weightless
If there’s a breath of life
I’ll see it on the bright side
And all that covers me
Will melt under the bright light
And all the lies
And all this altitude is making
All my air tight
My lungs that can’t breathe in or out
All their insight
And I can’t even say
Hey, goodbye
Track Name: Failure
It’s killing me, it’s killing you
We’re never alone, not that I can see
And I’ve forgotten how to sing
Can’t find the words, can’t find the range
I am failing, I am failure
You’re on your back and I’m underneath
You through your hands up and I fill in-between
We’re no longer there to see
Can’t find the brake What’s stopping me?
I’m running out, you’re running in
It’s like the last time. Now, where do I begin?
I’m already half asleep
Can’t see the time and you can’t see me
I am failing, I am failure
Your feeling bad, I feel the same
Looks like we worked out and no one had to change
You’re already fast asleep
You’re leaving so what’s keeping me?
Cannot find the words to say
Haven’t seen him yet today
He cannot be the one to change
He cannot be the one to blame
Track Name: I, The Road
I’ve stolen my share
Can’t feel it so who cares?
Completed, compared
It’s there
I, the road
Still claiming a change
It seems all the same
But I’ll play it
Your game
The same
I, the road
I, the road